Pavilions - private dining at The Lifeboat Inn

If you are looking for a private space for you and your guests and enjoy eating outside then why not choose one of our pavilions?

Beautiful and stylish our cedar wood pavilions are perfect for groups, private dining, parties and celebrations. It is a versatile outdoor dining space that can be enjoyed regardless of the weather conditions in our charming courtyard at The Lifeboat Inn. As well as being perfect during the spring and summer warm weather, each pavilion can have its blinds rolled down and with a heating lamp inside ensures they can be used even if we cannot guarantee the weather!

Pavilions are perfect for dinner parties and celebrations with friends

Both pavilions feature Philips Bluetooth-enabled speakers that let you play your favourite music directly from your phone or tablet.

The smaller pavilion can seat up to 10 guests and the larger pavilion can seat up to 14 guests.


For more information or to reserve one of the pavilions please contact our team on:

01485 512236