Are you related to these Hunstanton lifeboat heroes?

Are you related to these Hunstanton lifeboat heroes?

Our team at The Lifeboat Inn in Thornham are trying to find some information about the crew of Licensed Victualler’s III.

Our logo at The Lifeboat Inn features, the last pulling lifeboat at the Hunstanton lifeboat station. She started her service at Hunstanton in 1900. The lifeboat was 35ft in length and fitted with a No. 1 rig, mast and sails. She was manned by a crew of 13 men and pulled ten oars, double-banked.

Launch of a lifeboat in Hustanton
Launching of the lifeboat

To honour the hardworking and dedicated men who risked their lives at sea all the recently refurbished bedrooms at The Lifeboat Inn were named after the crew of the Licensed Victuallers lifeboats.

Our team are currently looking for more details including full names, stories or photos about each person to put together some information in each bedroom and create a fitting memorial. We are hoping that there are some locals out there who might know someone or something about any of the below names and could come forward with information. The RNLI has very incomplete crew records and, prior to the 1960s, information is limited to coxswains and crew who were awarded gallantry medals or died in service.

Licensed Victualler’s III
Some of the men may be present in a 1905 photograph of the boat, which is part of the RNLI archive, they cannot be identified individually

Below are bedroom names at the inn and some limited information that we have:

John ‘Jack’ Riches - Coxswain 1903 - 1931 (there also was an Arthur Riches)            

R. Rumbold - crew 1903 - 1931    

Peter Challman - crew 1903 - 1931    

H. Foster - crew 1903 - 1931    

George Frankland - crew 1903 - 1931    

G. Gilding - crew 1903 - 1931    

William Mitchley - crew 1903 - 1931    

J. Richardson - crew 1903 - 1931    

B. Sexton - crew 1903 - 1931 (there also was a W Sexton)

James Batson - Coxswain 1869 -1883

Israel Holmes - Coxswain 1883 - 1893

William West - Coxswain 1893 - 1898

William Petherwick - Coxswain 1898 - 1903    


If you have any information we would love to hear from you:

01485 512236

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