The Lifeboat's fish pie recipe

The Lifeboat's fish pie recipe 

The Lifeboat Inn's fish pie from KL Magazine


(Serves 5)

25g butter

25g flour

200ml fish stock

2.5 boiled hen’s eggs

500g mixed diced fish

120g cooked prawns


Grated cheese


150ml double cream

Lemon zest

Bay leaf

Salt and pepper



1 Poach fish in the stock with a bay leaf until half cooked. Remove the fish and save 120ml of stock.

2 Combine the butter and the flour to make a roux.

3 Add fish stock slowly to the roux to make a velouté.

4 Add the cream, lemon zest and lemon juice from a whole lemon.

5 In a separate pan sauté your leeks and then add to the mixture once cooked.

6 Now mix the lightly poached fish with the velouté mixture.

7 In an oven proof pie dish layer the egg onto the bottom with the prawns and add the mix on top.

8 Pipe on creamed mash and then a layer of grated cheese.

9 Cook in a pre-heated oven for 12 minutes at 180°C.

10 Cheese should be golden brown and pie piping hot. Serve and enjoy!

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